LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE We create common sense landscapes that are sophisticated, functional, unpretentious, and beautiful. A site's cultural and natural history inspires us and we have an appreciation for simple, enduring, natural materials. Our design process is interactive and each project is as unique and distinct as the individuals we work for. DESIGN PROCESS Design Concepts
Our projects begin with an analysis of the site and its context. We characterize systems, unique features, cultural and ecological context, and landscape health. This understanding of landscape conditions and client goals inspires landscape form, space, and materials. Design solutions are presented as concepts for review and discussion with the client. Design Development
The design concept is advanced into drawings that explore spatial relationships and further define the components of the landscape (i.e. material choices and construction methods). Construction Documents
As design decisions are solidified, a set of landscape plans and details are prepared for competitive bid, review, and contractor selection. Construction Administration
As construction commences, site reviews are conducted to ensure plans are interpreted correctly and high standards of craftsmanship are implemented. If questions arise, supplemental information is issued.